помогите по английскому. Написать сочинение про известную английскую личность


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I would like to tell you a few words about  Charles Darwin, a famous English person.

A hundred years ago people believed that plants and animals had always been as they are now. They thought that all the different sorts of living things, including men and women were put in this world by some mysterious power a few thousand years ago.


It  was Charles Darwin, born at Shrewsbury on the 12th of February, 1809, who showed that this was just a legend. As a boy Darwin liked to walk in the countryside, collecting insects, flowers and minerals. This hobby interested him much more then Greek and Latin, which were his main subjects at school.

His father, a doctor, sent Charles to Edinburgh University to study medicine. But Charles did not like this.  He spent a lot of time with a zoologist friend, watching birds and other animals, and collecting insects in the countryside.

Then his father sent him to Cambridge to be trained as a parson. But Darwin didn’t want to be a doctor or a parson. He wanted to be a biologist. In 1831 he set sail in the “ Beagle” for South America. To make maps of the coastlines there.  Darwin wanted to see the animals and plants of other lands. On his voyage he came to very important conclusion. He realized that there were simple jelly-like creatures living in the sea. Very slowly, taking hundred millions of years, these have developed to produce all the different kinds of animals and plants we know today. But Darwin waited over  twenty years  before he let the world know his great ideas. He wrote a famous book “The origin of species. “