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What is my dream school? 

There are thousands and hundreds thousands of schools all over the world. All of them have pros and cons. In my mind I've made my dream school which will be the best place to study. First of all, I would like to use American or British system of education because the grades are sum of different factors and not just of your knowledge. In my dream school there will be no homework but maybe sometimes. All the classse the students will attend with their best friends but not all boys because they can be too loud. The breaks will be from 10 to 50 minutes. 

Now, I gonna talk about the appearence. All classrooms will have enourmous windows. The will be only armchairs or hanging chairs with comfortable tables to write. Each student will have their own laptop, which they also could take home. Also in the basement each student will have big locker. The floor will be covered with carpet s or it will be wooden. There will be big pool with water slides, wich the students could attend durin PE lessons. Outside the school there will several tennis courts, a real football pitch and some space to play basketball. Also there will be placed tables for table tennis. In winter there will be made an ice rink. Of course, the school will have its own big theatre and special classes for music and art. This is my dreamschool.