поиииз помогитеее завтра сдать нужно!сочинение на тему город моей мечты на английском маленькое примерно 5 предложений


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We all dream to live in a better place but how should it look like? First of all, it shouldn't as huge as Moscow but it shouldn't have large population because it will create the traffic jams. The second thing is that it shouldbe modern, clean and  have all kind of entertainment especially for teenagers as we are now. I mean something like cinemas, parks, skateparks, stadiums, places to practice all kind of sports and shopping centres. My dream city must be placed near the sea and the climate should be Mediterranean because it is great to have an oppurtunity after school to go and swim there. 


Venice is city of my dreams. This town is known a tourist center because it's situated on 117 small islands. The city played a significant role in the history of symphonyc and operatic music because Venice - the birthplace of  Antonio Vivaldy. Also this town "standing" on the water. I want   to visit this city.