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                                                      My hobby                                                                            

In free from lessons and household chores time, I very much like to read and learn new about ancient minerals, about dinosaurs. Mother doesn't understand my hobby. She speaks that I went better took a walk, than was online and tried to discover an infrmation necessary to me. It simply tightens me, I can watch for hours movies about what animals lived in the ancient time, from where they appeared and as so it turned out that they quickly disappeared. I like also visit of our city library, I there in a quiet situation can read and admire a subject of my admiration. Dinosaurs were surprisingly beautiful and such huge that it is difficult to imagine. Many were absolutely harmless and ate exclusively grassy food, they weren't aggressive and angry. some were similar even to elephants. at my place the whole collection of pictures, emblems and different trifles with images of dinosaurs. I think that the person has the right to have that hobby, which to it to liking.