вставить: yet, already, since, for, usually, tonight, how long, ever, at the moment or still I don't think Frank has ...ever... been to a live concert. Why don't we take him to one for his birthday? I haven't seen Louise __ Jeff's wedding. I wonder what's happened to her. I don't know __ Jack's been working on that project, but it seems like weeks. Mr Louis hasn't rung me back about the contract __ We're meeting some friends for a meal __ . Would you like to come along? Pam has ___ finished her test and I've only done half of mine. Patrick __ gets to school at eight o'clock sharp, but it's half past and he hasn't arrived yet. Is Jill ____ going out with Mark, or have they split up? I'm trying to finish clearing up ___ . Can you ring back later? 10 My neighbour has lived in that house ___ nearly 60 years.


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первое уже сделано , а дальше по порядку


how long






 at the moment


Since, how long, yet, tonight, already, usually, still, at the moment, for ,