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1 - do you like cooking? - yes i like it. it has been one of my hobbies for many years.

2 - let's discuss this business here, in the cafee. in the office the phone will be constantly ringing.

3 - they are coming back. - i guess they are going to stop at a hotel this time.

4 - she has locked and won't have come down till they will leave.

5 - i know everybody's names in the village. i've been living here for all my live.

6 - how do you feel? 

7 - he won't come. i have just called him.

8 - by the end of this week i will have finished this translation.

9 - who discovered Australia?

10 - next year in this time we will be floating back to America.

11 - His wife, who has just got their daughter to bed, was sitting in the living room with a book.

12 - We lived by Harrisson's 2 days and then went back to London by train.

13 - I went to the corner and suddenly heard somebody's steps behind me.

14 - i will order him to bring the key when he looks around the house.

15 - we had been driving for an hour and then stopped near a small cafee.