Помогите вставить артикли на месте пропусков где это необходимо. (a/an/the/no article)

1) It was ... unusually cold day for ... summer, as in ... summer the weather is usually hot or warm. "... autumn is coming nearer," Jane thought.

2)" ... winter has come!" thought Susan when she came up to the window. It was ... late autumn but the ground was covered with white soft snow. "What ... day!" cried Susan's brother running into the room. "It is ... real winter. I would like throw snowballs on ... fine day like that. Let's go." But Jane had other things to do at ... noon. She wanted to finish the job she had begun ... day before but never finished.

3) It was ... cold winter morning. Andrew was talking his dog Spot out. He usually did it in ... morning about 8 or 9 o'clock. But that ... morning he got up at ... dawn. It was really ... early morning. Andrew understood he could not sleep on ... motrning like that and walked out of the house.

4) That ... evening at ... dusk I


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