Раскройте скобки и подумайте, где глагол в конструкции Complex Object будет с частицей to, а где без нее: *I’d like him (to go) to the country, but I can’t make him (to go). *She noticed me (to cry). *Would you like me (to go) now? *We didn’t expect him (to be) late for the show. *We watched the children (to play) in the garden. *The customs officer ordered us (to open) our bags. *I heard Mary (to say) something. *I want you (to do) it for me. *Sam felt Susan (to touch) his hand. *What made you (to do) so?


Ответы и объяснения


I’d like him to go to the country, but I can’t make him to go.

She noticed me cry.

Would you like me to go now?

We didn’t expect him to be late for the show.

We watched the children play in the garden.

The customs officer ordered us to open our bags.

I heard Mary say something.

I want you to do it for me.

Sam felt Susan touch his hand.

What made you do so?