1. If I (to stay) some more days in your town, I (to call) you and we (to have) a good talk. 2. He (to go) to the Public Library very often when he (to be) a student. 3. As soon as I (to return) from school, I (to ring) you up. 4. You (to pass) many towns and villages on your way before you (to arrive) in Moscow. 5. I (to stay) at home till she (to come). Then we (to go) to the theatre if she (to bring) tickets. 6. After I (to finish) school, I (to enter) the University. 7. When he (to return) to St. Petersburg, he (to call) on us. 8. If I (to see) him, I (to tell) him about their letter. 9. We (to gather) at our place when my brother (to come) back from Africa. 10. I (to sing) this song with you if you (to tell) me the words. 11. I hope you (to join) us when we (to gather) in our country house the next time. 12. What you (to do) when you (to come) home? 13. When they (to cross) the road, they (to see) the hotel. 14. Before she (to get) to the theatre, she (to go) past the shopping centre. 15. What we (to do) if it (to rain) tonight? 16. What she (to do) if she (to see) her best friend again? 17. If the bus (to be) very crowded, you (to be) exhausted by the time you (to get) to work. 18. If it (to be) very cold tonight, our car (not to start) in the morning.


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1 I stay, I shall call, we shall have
2 He will go, he is
3 I return, I shall ring
4 You will pass, You arrive
5 I shall stay, she comes, we shall go, she brings
6 I finish, I shall enter
7 He returns, he will call
8 I see, I shall tell
9 We shall gather, my brother comes
10 I shall sing, you tell
11 You will join, we gather
12 What will you do, you come
13 They cross, they will see
14 She gets, she will go
15 What shall we do, it rains
16 What will she do, she sees
17 The bus is, you will be, you get
18 It is, our car will not start