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Moscow is the capital of Russian. It is political, economic and cultural centre. It was founded in 1147 by prince Yuriy Dolgorukiy.  Moscow is situated in the river Moscow. It's population is over 9 million people.

There are a lot of beautiful palaces, old mansions, cathedrals, churches and monuments in Moscow. The main Kremlin tower, the Spasskaya Tower, has become the symbol of the country. On the territory of the Kremlin you can see old cathedrals, the Bell Tower of Ivan the Great, the Tzar-Cannon and the Tzar-Bell, the biggest cannon and bell in the world. St Basil's Cathedral was built in the mid-16th century in memory of the victory over Kazan.The heart of Moscow is Red Square. It has more historic associations than any other places. 

Moscow is famous for its theatres. The best-known of them is the Bolshoi Opera House. Drama theaters and studios are also very popular.

Moscow is a city of students. There are over 100 higher educational institutions in it. Moscow is the seat of the Russian Parliament and the centre of political life of the country.