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One of the biggest problem in all big cities is traffic. I could say that there is several reasons for that. Firstly, traffic annoys every driver. Secondly, gases that come from cars pollute the atmosphere so much. Thirdly, people who get in a traffic jams waist a lot of time and frequently getting late to there job, school or meeting. Also, I could say about the fact, that nowadays government and police, especially in our country, don't pay much attention to the quality of our roads as much as to the good regulation of traffic lights. All in all, I think think,there are a lot of problems that need to be solved. Можно еще конечно про несчастные случаи написать, мол из за плохой регулировки светофоров не редко погибают люди, как водители и пассажиры, так и пешеходы