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Hello. My name is Karina. I’m 13 years old. Every morning I go to school and when I return around 2 pm I do my homework for tomorrow and then I’m free to do what I like. I’m very enthusiastic by nature and I like doing different activities. For example, I like playing chess, I enjoy attending the swimming-pool, I always participate in local volleyball games, I like experimenting with cooking, I like knitting and reading magazines, etc. However, I should say, I have three serious hobbies. First is the ping-pong. I’ m a very good player of table tennis and I have already won several prizes for this game in the region. I have been attending our local club of ping-pong for children for quite a while and the trainer said that I have a talent at it. My parents are very proud of me and my progress. My second hobby is drawing. I have always liked drawing things, painting and colouring. When my mum noticed my interest she took me to the city Art School which I then started attending. It’s been six years already since I first went there, and now I’m really good at picturing objects. I especially like drawing nature and still life. I have once tried to draw my friend’s portrait and it didn’t come out well. And my third hobby is collecting bright and interesting magazines for girls. My parents always buy them for me or order by mail, and my friends who know about my passion to magazines, also bring me some editions. I have already 75 (seventy-five) samples of these magazines and when I have some free time I gladly skim them.