Помогите ребят,буду очень благодарна!

1) Is anything wrong?

No. I....(just think) the party tonight.

2) These days everything...(change)-cities...(become) bigger and busier every year.

3)Peter....(be) a student,but now he...(work) as a shop assistant.

4)When does ant Polly come?

Her plane...(take off) at 5:25 pm.

5)Melanie...(get) married at 3 this afternoon.

6)Rogers...(kick) the ball and...(pass) it to Jones.7)She hasn't finished cooking the meal yet.Yes,she...(still cook)


Ответы и объяснения


1) Is anything wrong? No, I am just thinking about the party tonight.
2) These days everything changes - cities become bigger and busier every year.
3) Peter is a student, but now he works as a shop assistant.
4) When does aunt Polly come? - у Вас ошибка в слове "тетя". Her plane takes off at 5:25 pm.

5) Melanie is getting married at 3 this afternoon.
6) Rogers kicked the ball and passed it to Jones.

7) She hasn't finished cooking the meal yet. Yes,she is still cooking.