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Of course, the enemy of your health and beauty can be harmful not only food, but also the wrong diet. For example, often become our companions television. One would think, well, what's harmful? And the fact that the distraction of watching programs, reading a book or magazine, we sometimes just do not notice what a big portion eat.

Extremely harmful and late dinner. The major portion of food to eat for lunch and dinner should be in the form of a light snack. If you can not fine dining, it's still not a reason to load up on the night. Let your evening meal consists of lean meat, fish, vegetables or fruit. Bread, flour, sweet and fat should not eat after 18 hours. Leave your best biscuit or chocolate for breakfast, so they do more good. Is not tight after 6:00 pm this is not just a recipe for weight loss, but also the continued rule of a healthy way of life!