очень нужен диалог на английском языке о футболе, что-то типа обсуждение прошедшего матча, уровень английского 7-8 класс;)


Ответы и объяснения


А: Nastya, do you remember that today our national team plays with the national team ofNetherlands?

Н: of course I do. I think, it will be a very exciting match, because the Russian national team has never qualified for the knock-outs of European Championship. As for theNetherlands, it is very strong team, it won all its matches on the group-stage. I really don’t know who is going to win today. What do you feel about it?

А: My feeling is that our team won’t give up up to the end of the match. Switch TV on, please. The game is about to start. Both teams are on the field yet. How many fans at the stadium today! I wish I were among them now.

Н:Russiakicks off, and they will attack from right to left in the first half. I suppose, our team will score a goal first. Our forwards are rather young and energetic. Don’t you agree?

А: I do. Besides our goalkeeper is very talented, though he is the youngest goalkeeper of that tournament. Well, I should say, that after 20 minutes the game is equal. Our footballers don’t hurry.

Н: Oh, look! Number 8 of our team sends a powerful long-range shot at the goal! It’s a pity, he did it above the bar. Who is number 8?

А: It was Denis Kolodin from Dynamo Moscow. Oh, the first half is ended and the score 0:0 after 45 minutes. I hope, in the second half we’ll see a lot of goals. Do you think, that our coach will make any substitutions after the break?

Н: I don’t think so. There were no injures and all the footballers are in good trim. Well, the second half starts. Oh, our captain is injured in clash with theHollandforward.

А: He is all right and ready to continue the game. Ohh, goal! Russian forward Pavlyuchenko shots to left corner from7 metersafter cross from the left wing! So the score is 1:0 now. You were right, Nastya, our team scored the goal first.

Н: Now I am going to be nervous. The opponents are trying to even up, but Akinfeev saves our goals again and again.

А: Oh no. theHollandstriker equalised the score in the 86th minute. And if Russian team doesn’t score the goal in the nearest time, we will have an extra time. And our coach makes a substitution: Torbinski comes on for Saenko.

Н: Unfortunately, the extra time will be. And if the score is equal, we will see the penalty shoot-out, am I right?

А: Yes, you are. But I don’t think, it will happen, because Torbinsky scores the goal with the help of Arshavin! Our team is leading again!

Н: oh I am so happy. Oh and immediately the third goal! The score is 3:1 now. there remain a few minutes before the end of the game, and I think, we are the winners of the match!

А: Yes, we are! We are in the semi-final now. The match will be in two days. Our future opponent is the national team ofSpain.


-Hey, did you watch the football game yesterday?(Привет, ты смотрел игру вчера?)
-Yes, this game was so fantastic(Да, эта игра была потрясающей)
-I agree with you.  However, I was rooting for the other team(Я согласен с тобой.Однако, я болел за другую команду)
- I for one that won.The truth is your favorite team to be a serious contender.(я за ту, что выйграла. Правда, твоя любимая команда-достойные соперник)
-Thanks. I'm happy, because you agree with my opinion. (Спасибо. Я счастлив, что ты согласен с моим мнением)
- Ha,because both teams have a good trainers, sponsors and mood(Ха, потому что у обеих команд хорошие тренера, спонсоры и настрой)
- Yes(Да)
- I must be going, see you later(Мне пора идти, увидимся позже)
-Ok, bye (Хорошо, пока)