Помогите плиз кто может!нужно маленькое сочинение на английском про пионеров.у самого ниче в голову не приходит


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One of the most vivid the memories of Soviet times - the long columns of the rows of buses with the inscription "Children". And all transport implicitly concede to them the way. So began pioneer summer. The children went on a vacation in the summer camp.
Morning exercises, ruler, debriefing, on duty in the dining room, some of the constant competitions and activities, delicious butter on a slice of not less tasty bread and граненный a glass of tea. Evening disco, underground care to dream hour to a nearby pond, and evening disco. Yes! Toothpaste on the face of the person and Hiking in the neighbouring house with heated tube. A lot of friends, the pioneer tie, written in memory of new friends, phone numbers, and addresses. Happy Soviet summer Soviet pioneer.