Пожалуйста)))помогите эссе на английском языке описание курантов нужно именно описание курантов и этой башни на которой они весят заранее СПС


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The Kremlin Clock

The Kremlin clock is one of the most interesting things in the Red square in the centre of Moscow. it is a historic clock on the Spasskaya Tower of the Moscow Kremlin.

The first clock was there in about 16th century. But in 1706 Peter the great bought new clock in Holland, transported it from Amsterdam to Moscow. And the watchmaker Ekim Garnov installed it. There were many changes, but in 1932 the Kremlin Clock was again restored. A new face was installed, wich was an exact copy of the original.

The Kremlin clock has a 12-hour dial on the clock face. The rim, numbers and hands are covered with gold.

The Kremlin clock have musical bells, the music of which is well-known not only for russians, but also for many other countries.