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 My city

I love my city.My city is Moscow.

Moscow - the capital of the Russian Federation.

Moscow boasts a number of unique attractions, including the Kremlin, was built as a fortress under the guidance of Italian architects. Among the famous ancient buildings of the Kremlin's Archangel Cathedral of the Assumption Cathedral and the Palace of Facets, where kings gave a reception, the Grand Kremlin Palace, the Tsar Cannon and Tsar Bell. Red Square was originally a market square and the site of the People on it are Mausoleum Lenin and the disposal of Soviet political figures as well as the impressive Cathedral of St. Basil's Cathedral with numerous domes. Other attractions include the wide boulevards of Moscow, forming concentric rings, seven skyscrapers in a style reminiscent of the Gothic, Ostankino TV Tower and Botanical Gardens. Ornate Moscow Metro is the most beautiful subway in the world.