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1. If I see John, I will tell him your news.

2. He will be very pleased, if it is really true.

3. If you go to town on Monday, you will meet my brother Tom.

4. If you need help, my father will help you.

5. We will have a picnic lunch, if the weather  is fine.

6. If you ask a policeman, he will tell you the way.

7. I will finish my job tomorrow, if I can.

8. I will not require  an  umbrella, if it is not rain.

9. If she thinks it over carefully, she will form a clear opinion.

10. If they catch the bus now, they will arrive at half past nine.

11. He will find the answer, if he looks at the back of the book.

12. If you want me to, I will be able to come for a walk with you.

13. If he writes to her, she will answer at once.

14. If you wait a few moments, the waiter will bring your coffee.

15. He will lose weight, if stops eating too much.

16. If she is patient, I will try to explain.

17. I will wear a purple tie, only if I must.

18. If we leave at once, we will catch the early train.

19. if he does that again, his father will punish him.

20. If she drinks this medicine, she will feel much better.