!!!!Помогите пожалуйста!!!!! Мне нужно сочинение на английском языке про любимый вид спорта( можно любой )! и именно по этому плану!!!

1. when and how did you become interested in the sport?

2. what equipment and clothes do you need? what are the basic rules? what do have to do and what can"t you do?

3. how often do you play? where? who with& do you watch the sport on TV or go to watch it? why do you like it?

Пожалуйста!!! нужно уже на завтра!!! сроооочно! Заранее спасибо)))


Ответы и объяснения


I always love sport. Since my childhood i've been watching the Olympic Games with great pleasure. But my favourite one is figure skating. It is a very beautiful kind of sport as well as difficult. But everybody can skate all the year round. figure skating you don't need much equipment - just skates. Of course you should wear some warm  but comfortable clothes - jeans or trousers or short (not long!) skirts. There are no special rules. on skating ring you should skate and don't  be in the road of other people. If you can't skate, you can go for a special school and a trainer will teach you. 

I go to skating ring at least once a week. In my town there many skating rings where i can skate with my friends. 

Also i like watching figure skating tournaments. the sportsmen skate very beautiful, they do many difficult and even dangerous things on ice.