НУЖЕН СПОРТИВЫНЙ ОТЧЁТ НА ЛЮБУЮ ИЗ ТЕМ НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ:школьные олимпийские игры,спортивный день,школьный волейбольный чемпионат и свой вариант СРОЧНО НУЖНО,ПОМОГИТЕ


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Олемпийские игры.

Physical culture is a part of General culture of a society, one of the spheres of social activities, directed on strengthening of health, development of physical abilities of a person and their use in accordance with the needs of the public practice. Main indicators of the state of the physical culture in the society: the level of health and physical development of people; the degree of use of Physical culture in the field of upbringing and education, in the workplace, the home, the structure of free time; the nature of the system of physical education, the development of mass sports, high achievements in sports, etc.
The main elements of the physical culture, physical exercises, their complexes and competitions for him, hardening of the body, health and way of life, actively-motor types of tourism, physical labor as a form of recreation for people of intellectual work.
In the society of physical culture, being the heritage of the people, is an important means of «upbringing of a new man, harmoniously combining the spiritual wealth, moral purity and physical perfection». It will contribute to the social and labour activity of the people, the economic efficiency of production, physical culture movement is based on the multilateral activities of state and public organizations in the field of physical culture and sports.
Sport is an integral part of the physical culture, as well as a means and method of physical education, the system of organization and carrying out of competitions on various complexes of physical exercises and preparatory training sessions. Historically formed as a special sphere of identifying and unified comparison of achievements of people in certain types of physical exercises, their level of physical development. Sports in the broadest sense embraces actually competitive activity, special training for it (sports training), the specific social relations arising in the sphere of the activity, its socially significant results. Social value of the sport lies in the fact that he is a factor, the most efficient in stimulating lessons of physical culture, contributes to the moral, aesthetic education, satisfaction of spiritual needs.
In the sphere of sports historically consisted of various elements of human activity. Sports, having centuries-old history, were developed from the original physical exercises, forms of employment and of the military activity, used by people for the purposes of physical education in antiquity - running, jumping, throwing, weight lifting, boating, diving and t. D.; a part of the modern sport was formed in the 19th-20th centuries on the basis of the sport and in the adjacent areas of culture, games, sports and art gymnastics, modern pentathlon, figure skating, orienteering, sports tourism, etc.; technical kinds of sport are based on development of the equipment: auto-, Moto-, Cycling, aviation sports, scuba diving, etc.
Physical culture is an integral part of human life. It takes quite an important place in the study, the work of the people. Occupation of physical exercise plays a significant role in the efficiency of the members of the society, that is why knowledge and skills for physical culture must be laid in educational institutions of different levels in stages. A significant role in the education and training of physical culture invest and institutions of higher learning, where the basis of the teaching should be based on clear methods, ways, all of which are arranged in a well-organized and developed the methods of teaching and upbringing of students.
Physical culture of the people is part of its history. Its formation, the subsequent development is closely connected with the same historical factors, which influence the formation and development of the economy of the country, its statehood, political and spiritual life of society. In the concept of physical culture is, of course, all that is created by the mind, talent, crafts people, all that expresses his spiritual nature, look at the world, the nature, the human being, the human relations.
The words of the ancient Greek poet of Pindar, written two thousand years ago, not forgotten on this day. Not forgotten, because the Olympic competitions, held at the dawn of civilization, continue to live in the memory of mankind.
Every Olympic games turned into a holiday for the people, a kind of Congress for the rulers and philosophers, competition for sculptors and poets.
The days of Olympic celebrations - the days of the world. For the ancient Greeks games were an instrument of the world, облегчавшим negotiations between cities, contributing to the mutual understanding and communication between States.
Olympics exalted man, for Olympics reflect the Outlook, the cornerstone of which was the cult of the perfection of the spirit and the body, the idealization of harmoniously developed human - thinker and the athlete. Олимпионику - winner of the games - compatriots paid homage, which was awarded to the gods, in their honor were created monuments in life, made laudatory odes of feasts. Olympic hero rode in his native city on a chariot, dressed in purple, crowned with the wreath come not through the usual gate, and through the hole in the wall, who in the same day appeared to be rebuilding, to the Olympic victory, went into the city and has never left his.
No number of myths - one beautiful than the other. - about the origin of the Olympic games. Почетнейшими the ancestors of them believe the gods, kings, rulers and heroes.
Its still preserved the glory of Olympia entirely obliged to the Olympic games, although they were there only once in four years and lasted for a few days.