РЕБЯТА! !!!!!!!!срочно необходима ваша помощь. Мне нужно сочинение на тему: "мое изобретение". только не с интернета. мне нужна хорошая оценка


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I dream of inventing such a machine that would help me to share my dreams with anybody. I see it as construction looks like a usual briefcase. This device is used to creat dreams and allows to share them with anyone who is connected to this device.

In order to fall asleep with my partner we will use simple sleeping peels. So, we connect ourselves to my devices with the help of cables or wares. then we take sleeping peels and press a special batton. And we appear in my or my partner's dream that we are creating together. We can do anything we like. and then the built-in alarm clock gives us a signal and we wake up.

I think it's interesting device.