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Change the following sentences into the Active Voice 1. A great deal of property is destroyed by tornadoes every year. 2. A lot of buildings were ruined by the hurricane. 3.Several few proposals were being considered by the MPs. 4.Some new equipment has been ordered by the company. 5. These papers should be signed by the company. 6. The Prime Minister should have been called this morning 7.The works of art have been examined by the experts. 8. The papers will have been received by John by tomorrow. 9. Tina Turner is being interviewed on TV now. 10. Ms Greta will be called (by somebody) tonight.


Ответы и объяснения


1. every year tornadoes destroy a great deal of property.

2.  the hurricane  ruined A lot of buildings.

3. the MPs considered Several few proposals.

4. the company has ordered Some new equipment.

5.  the company should sign These papers.

6.  this morning somebody should have called The Prime Minister

7. the experts have examined The works of art.

8.   John will have received The papers by tomorrow

9.  somebody  is interviewing Tina Turner on TV now

10. tonight somebody will call Ms Greta