Задание. put questions to the italicized words.(задать вопросы!!)

1. The children are planting trees.

2.They are working n the garden.

3.The girl is trying on dress

4.nick s talking with his friends.

5.The students re reading.

6. The man is sitting in the armchair .

7. The girl is reading,

8.The woman is wearing a blue dress

9.Peter,s brother is riding a biysycle.

10. They are talking about the film

11. He is speaking over the telephone

12. The boy is running fast because it is raining

НУЖНО СРОЧНО !!! Заранее спасибо))


Ответы и объяснения

1.what are children planting? 2. Where are they working? 3.what is girl trying on? 4. Who is talking to the friend? 5. What are the student doing? 6. Where is the man sitting? 7. What is the girl doing? 8. What is the woman wearing? 9. Whose brother is riding a bicycle ? 10. What are they talking about? 11. Who is speaking over the telephone? 12. Why is the boy running fast?