переделайте пожалуйста все предложения в косвенную речь,только правильно,пожалуйста)

1) Tom said : How you got a pet.

2) Nick asked : Where does she live

3) He asked : what is her name

4) She said : Is he a top model

5) The teacher asked : have you done your home work today

6) Yane crys : What is he doing with me toy

7) Yane said : Can you swim well

8) Sam said : Where will we got go tommorrow

9) Jill said : Does your sister feed her dog?

10) The pupil asked : May I come out?


Ответы и объяснения

Tom asked how I had got a pet. Nick asked where did she live. He asked what was her name. She asked if he was a top model. The teacher asked if I had done my homework that day. Ann cries what he is doing with her toy Yane asked if I could swim well. Sam asked where we would go the following day. Jill asked if my sister fed her dog. The pupil asked if they could come in.