помогите очень срочно! мне нужно составить небольшой рассказ на английском языке про широкоформатные газеты или про таблоиды...что-нибудь одно из этого.......можно 5-8 предложений


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The Sunday Times - Sunday broadsheet newspaper published in the United Kingdom. Each year the Sunday Times publishes the "rich list", which hits record sales. The newspaper began its life in 1821 under the title The New Observer. Later, the paper was renamed The Independent Observer, and in 1822, was called The Sunday Times. the position of the newspaper, as was commonly believed, was that antimerkantilizm among those who have traditionally voted for the Conservative Party, along with the traditional socialism undermined the economic competitiveness of the United Kingdom. In this paper clearly opposed to the traditional conservatism of rival Sunday Telegraph.