помогите нужно написать 8-10 предложений ну как маленький текст про российский праздник но не про новый год
очень нужно прошу и желательно с переводом


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День победы.

In our country today, a lot of holidays, but the great - the only one, and it is unlikely anyone would challenge his supremacy. This May 9 - Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War.
No matter how much time has passed, the value of heroism of our people in this war will never diminish, and the glory of the heroes of the time also did not fade. These words are often, but it is really so: the history of mankind, the world would be truly tragic if not for the courage and dedication of the entire Soviet people, the victory of fascism.
Despite the fact that this day every year moving away from us, its value can not decrease - Victory Day is the most light, dear and beloved public holiday.
The Great Patriotic War lasted 1,418 days and nights, too, and every hour, every minute of the time were for the whole country and for each person to cruel and terrible ordeal.