Нужно выбрать правильный ответ.
Whales will become....if people continue to hunt them
1. dead
2. deadly
3. assassinated
4. extinct

Let's have a party on Saturday! Great idea. ..... invite Sue and Mary?
1.Why you
2. How about
3. Shall we
4. What do you do to

...... . Mine is out of order. Not at all. Please do.
1. Do you mind if I use your calculator?
2. Is this your calculator?
3. Can you use this calculator?
4. Is it allowed to use your calculator?

I'm not sure .... the silver mountain bike is.
1. who's
2. whose
3. who
4. that

We should produce more....energy to protect our environment.
1 heating
2 coal
3 global
4 solar


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