написать сочинения на тему здоровье на английском (заранее спасибо)


Ответы и объяснения


Health – the most great value as popular wisdom says. Because only when the person everything is all right with health, at it has it forces and inspiration for affairs, communication, creativity. When in an organism something hurts, it is difficult to concentrate on study or work, there is no wish even to have a good time. And modern life demands from us to be active therefore we have to care of the health.

It is necessary to protect health since the childhood, and it is easier to illness to warn, than to treat, doctors speak. In our class there are pupils, at which already poor eyesight and curve back. Often it happens from long sitting at the computer, readings in the wrong pose at bad lighting. It will be difficult, then to correct because in our century of information the person should sit in front of the monitor more and more, and sight will fall and fall. Perhaps now we don't attach it great value because simply we don't represent that such a blindness.

My grandmother always said that while was young and healthy, couldn't also idle stay minute. And when diseases overcame, any more so excites if something costs to the left unfinished.

Not to be ill, it is necessary to support health. For this purpose it is necessary not so much: to eat properly, do physical exercises, it is a lot of time to carry out in the open air, and also positively to treat life. Scientists consider that people with good sense of humour live more long and are ill less. If people treated the health more attentively, less time would spend for hospitals. It is necessary to remember that health needs to be protected, after all it even for money you won't buy.