согласны или нет высказываниями, проаргументировать свои ответ, так чтобы в каждом получось цельное предложение:

1 We only need a family for comfort and protection,
2 Sharing feelings comes after sharing a meal,
3 Privacy is impossible in an extended family,
4 Too much caring is annoying.
5 Mutual respect can substitute for love in a family.
6 Trust IS more important for a happy family than any other feature.

согласие и не согласие :


Ответы и объяснения


Вообще тут должно быть твое личное мнение. Ну ладно...

1. I don't think that we need family only for comfort and protection. Because eveyone needs to be loved, to have their own home and to be sure that some people will never betray you. And family can give you this. (не согласие)

2. I personally think that this is true because most people need some time to get to know each other and then one can share it's feelings (согласие)

3. I think that you can always find some privacy if you need it so much. You can just tell your parents/siblings that you need some privacy. I'm sure they'll understand. (не согласие)

4. I can't disagree to that but everyone should appreciate such kind of concern. Isn't it just relly nice to know that someone cares about you?  (согласие)

5. Respect is always important. And if you want your family to respect you, you schould respect your family too. (согласие)

6. Trust is always on of the most important things. Of course, you need to trust your family because they know you better than anyone else does. And there's nothing wrong with sharing your feelings or whatever with your family. ( cогласие)