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The grandest and most mysterious monument of Baku is the Maiden Tower - Maiden Tower, rising in the south-eastern part of the fortress of Old city. This unique structure of the Azerbaijani architecture is unique in the East. The monument, built around the date and purpose of which are numerous disputes, and these days most attracted attention with its unique shape.

The tower was built on the promontory cliffs, and is built of local gray limestone cylinder height of 28 meters and a diameter - 16.5 m thickness of the walls at the base of 5 m and 4 m above the eastern side of the ledge adjacent to the tower, whose appointment to the still not clear. The interior of the tower divided to 8 tiers. Each of the 8-tier tower is now blocked by a stone dome with a round hole. The light inside came through narrow window openings like loopholes, expanding inside. Communication between tiers is delivered in the winding stone staircase, laid in the wall. In the interior of the tower walls are constructed niches within which laid tile diameter of 30 cm inside the tower has a well depth of 21 m, pierced in the rock to the aquifers from the third tier.