Grammar: past continuous

Complete the questions and answers.

Policewoman What(1)______________________(you/do) last nigth?

Rob (2)_______________________________(i/work).

Policewoman Where(3)___________________(you/work)?

Rob (4)_____________________________(i/sit) in repeticion.

Policewoman And what (5)_____________________________(you/do)?

Rob (6)_____________________________(i/work) on the computer.

Policewoman You say you saw a hand.

Rob Yes, (7)______________________(it/put) a key back.

Policewoman And then you saw a man.

Rob Yes, (8)__________________________________(he/run) away.


Ответы и объяснения


1. What were you doing last night?

2. i was working/

3. Where were you working?

4. I was sitting in repeticion

5. And what were you doing?

6. I was working on the computer

7. it was putting a key back

8. he was running away