Помогите написать 10 предложений (любые) и потом перевести их в косвенную речь.


Ответы и объяснения


He said: "My friends usually come at 5.”

He said that his friends usually came at 5.

She told her sister: "I am reading a very interesting book.”

She told her sister that she was reading a very interesting book.

Mary said to the man: "I have not decided anything yet.”

Mary said to the man that she had not decided anything yet.

I told them: "I will do this job in two days.”

I told them that I would do this job in two days.

He said: "I will not begin now.”

He said he would not begin then.

The President said: "I didn’t know about it last week.”

The President said he hadn’t known about it the week before.

She said: "My husband will be here tomorrow.”

She said her husband would be there the next day.

 He said: “I am busy today.”

 He said (that) he was busy that day.

Oleg said,”My room is on the second floor.”

Oleg said that his room was on the second floor.

My brother said to me,”I am going to become a doctor.”

My brother told me that he was going to become a doctor.