write a pagagraph professional sport has doesn't have the right to exist

написать какую то фигню (сочинение) на тему профессиональный спорт имеет право на существование / не имеет права на существование.

напишите на 1 тему имеет право, блин только нормальное что нибудь) поставлю лучшее, не зажмусь)


Ответы и объяснения

Professional sport

Millions of people all over the world are into sport. Everybody chooses a kind of sport they like following their abilities and convictions. It gives people a real pleasure. It also gives a chance to acquire a lot of like-minded friends who are eager to be healthy and to increase fitness. Modern life is so hectic that sport helps people distract from daily problems and routine.

Everyday there can see on TV strong and outrageous people who represent their country in world competitions and take part in Olympic games. They are sure to be the best of the best. They can`t imagine their lives without sport.For them life is daily hard training and competition.Undoubtedly professional sport educates a strong will, discipline, ability to overcome difficulties and mould a character. It helps to increase self-esteem and self-confidence. In contrast to amateur sport professional sport has the only goal that is to win. Athletes make incredible efforts despite tiredness and physical pain to become a champion and to prove to everyone and especially to themselves that they are the best. All the countrymen take pride of hearing the national anthem so professional sport develops the feeling of patriotism. It is certain to be beneficial to realise that you contribute to the development of your country.

On the other hand there are a lot of negative associations with professional sport. Everybody knows that professional athletes sacrifice a lot of things and life`s true essentials to achieve their goals. Firstly, it is а shortage of normal family life because professional athletes devote themselves fully to trainings, competitions and sport achievements. Secondly, the cost of victories is broken friendship. As a rule in contrast to amateur sport there aren`t friends in professional sport. There are only rivals. Moreover, the highest scores are associated with injuries, tiredness and health problems because the body can`t withstand the constant high loads and intensive exercise. The last but not least, professional sport is a way to earn a lot of money. Athletes in the pursuit to win start taking illegal substances ruining their health and moral. Some recent shocking dope scandals have dissapointed real sport fans.

In conclusion I would like to say that professional sport is a choice of courageous people. We shouldn`t seek for the easy way in life. "Life is a challenge. The lack of challenge is the lack of life." - one famous person said. I quite agree with this statement. Sport is a source of bright emotions, a way of moulding your character and overcoming difficulty and prejudice.