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1. He had been to many countries, he had had so much adventuries. 
2. He got know a magical power of words. 
3. "Tiny" is less than "small". 
6.Many pupils in our class read "hard drinking", which means they mumble. 
4.Will you cope this work? 
5.The contain of the story was difficult, so children didn't understand it. 
7.Mary had a pretty smile. 
8.A malicious witch jinxed a young prince, but the spell was removed by a princess kissed him. 
9.Jimmy gave his sister a chocolate sweet and she ate it at once. 
10.I've lost my diary somewhere. Me and my friends are looking fot this everywhere. 
11.The Moscow University building looks very impressive. 
13.What a wonderful child! He reads one book a day, he just devours them! 
12.When Nina said penguins lived in the North Pole, everyone stared. 
14.What does this bottle contain? 
15.A milk has been standing on the table since morning, I suppose it's gone rotten.