Пожалуйста, помогите:)) Ответь те на английском на вопросы) 1Who carries out the laws that Congress makes? 2.Who helps the President to make decisions? 3. What do you call the third branch of the US government? 4.How mane judges does the Supreme Court consist of? 5.How long do the judges work in the Supreme Court? 6.the US Constitution can be changed, can't it? 7.What do you call changes to the Constitution? 8. How many amendments to the Constitution can you name?


Ответы и объяснения


1  They carry out the laws that the Congress makes. The President signs bills and then they become law.

2  The Vice President and members of the Cabinet help the President to make decisions.

3  The Government is divided into 3 branches: legislative (the US Congress), executive (the President and his Administration) and judicial (the US Supreme Court) 

4\5  The US Supreme Court, the third or judicial branch of government, consists of nine Justices appointed for life by the President with the approval of the Senate.

6  Yes, the constitution can be changed
7  Changes in the constitution is the correction

8  27 amendments