напишите по английски текст что ваш однокласник делал вчера.Используйте слова: have lunch, read a book, watch TW, do his / her homework, draw the picture, ski in the park, play chess, listen to music, play the piano, take photos, play puzzles, make a toy.Спасибо


Ответы и объяснения


My classmate came home yesterday after a school dinner. Then he went to ride in the park. I came home and did my homework. Watching TV. Played puzzles together with her sister. Painted. Playing chess with his mother. Playing the piano. Playing with toys, and took photos with them.


My frend Jack went home after lessons. He hadn't lunch at school, so he made some sundwiches for lunch. After lunch he did his homework. Then he phoned me and we skied in the park. After we went to my home. There we watched TV. We watched horror film. But it wasn't interesting so we decided  to listen the music. He played on piano wonderful composition. I didn't know that he can play on piano. Then we played puzzle. But it was dark so he had to stay for night in mine home. We played chess and drawed the picture. After that we tried so went to the bed, after some minutes we was asleep.