КТО ПЕРВЫЙ ОТВЕТИТ И ПРАВИЛЬНО ОБЕЩАЮ ЛУЧШИЙ ОТВЕТ!!!!выбрать одно из двух предложенных вариантов: My best friend Andy may\can dance really well. In fact, his mum says he started dansing before he could\can even valk! He's so good,i think he should\ought become a professional when he's older. I wish I could\can dance as well as Andy, but unfortunately I can't\ mastn't. Andy's in a ballroomdansing team and takes part in amateur competitions, so he has to\ should prectise a lot. Next year, when he and his dansing pertner Michelle are sixteen,he'll be able to\can enter the british Adult Ballroom Dansing Championships. They're going to be held into London.My mum says thet if Andy gets into the final, i will\can go and support him. I mustn't\can't wait! She also saes, though thet i don't have to\mastn't be disappointed if he doesn't get into the final, as it's very difficult. She's right, of course. i'm just going to must\have to hope for the best, i suppose.


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