write a pagagraph professional sport has doesn't have the right to exist

написать какую то фигню (сочинение) на тему профессиональный спорт имеет право на существование / не имеет права на существование.

напишите на 1 тему имеет право, блин только нормальное что нибудь) поставлю лучшее, не зажмусь)


Ответы и объяснения

Professional sport doesn`t have the right to exist

Nowdays professional sport is really a burning issue. It is not a secret for anybody that competitions in the world of professional sport are really fierce and even rough.

Socially, professional sport doesn`t care about athlete`s wishes and needs, and as the result athletes don`t have a possibility to make decisions on their own. Additionally, they only have to follow the will of the highest authorities. Moreover, athletes often don`t have a profession and are forced to retire young.

Psychologically, athletes have to sacrifice a lot of things, tasty food for instance, because they have to keep a diet in the majority of cases. In addition to that, they also have to refuse from doing other sports.

Surely, professional sport is often associated with hard work. But unfortunately, it doesn`t bring happiness to athletes because they don`t belong to themselves any more. All of them are just cogwheels in a great mechanism of professional sport.

Finally, professional sport is often unfair. It is not a secret for anybody that different drugs and meds for increasing the level of sport achievements are widely spread.

Analyzing all the facts we can definitely say that professional sport doesn`t have the right to exist on such level as it is nowdays. It is necessary to increase the requirements to professional sport competitions, and may be in the nearest future the situation will change.