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I long didn't know how to begin, but in few minutes of reflections I after all started the composition. My city is in the Rostov region, in the city Zavetsky. It is the small city, but people here always are kind and polite to each other. This surprising place. At us all teenagers of the city gather, and together spend time, communicate and share impressions. As in my city there is an area on which there is a monument to Lenin, to the leader of the Soviet Union. And still there is a rural club, where on Sundays устаивают dances. I very much like to go there. I forgot about the most important in my city. We have a small church in which I go every Sunday and to holidays. In Zavetsky many people are religious. And you know, what I will tell you about the city? I will tell that though it is small, it very beautiful, and people here the remarkable. The friend for the friend the mountain, as they say. And still there is a proverb: my city – my fortress. Or I mixed something?