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- Ok, boys and girls. Now, somebody, answer my questions about the seasons. Well, who'd like to tell me something interesting? Yes, please, Tima. What season is the first in the year?

- That's winter.

- What do you like about it?

- Well, it snows only in the winter. All people like snow, especially children. There is a lot of winter games that they are keen on. The entire vacation period children spend in the open air throwing snow-balls, skiing, skating and playing hockey.

- Do you like this season?

- Certainly. I was born in the winter. I really enjoy this period.

- Which season is the next?

- Spring. It becomes warmer, trees and grass blossom out, animals wake up from winter sleep. Broadly speaking, the whole nature wakes up.

- Ok, what's next?

- That's summer. It is already hot in summer, particularly in July and August.

- What happens to the nature?

- All around blossoms. You can see lots of flowers everywhere.

- How people usually spend the summer time?

- Summer is common leave period. People go to see and lake shore, forest or river banks. They swim, lie in the sun and relax.

- And, what's next?

- There the autumn comes. Tree leaves turn yellow, animals prepare for winter dormancy. As for people, they crop.

- How do you feel about the autumn?

- I am not fond of it because the environment becomes dull.

- So, which season do you like more?

- As I said earlier, I'm fond of winter time. It's the most interesting period for me.

- Thank you, Tima. And how do think how I'm going to mark you now?

- I hope "5".

- You're absolutely right. That would be fair.

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