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Our school is one of the oldest schools in Moscow. It's famous for its highquality education and strict discipline.
I went to school five days a week. Classes began at nine o'clock in the morning. But I usually 
came to school ten minutes earlier. Each lesson lasted forty minutes. After three or four lessons we had a thirty-minute break. During this break we went to the canteen to have lunch. Every day we had 7 or 8 lessons. The lessons were over at four o'clock in the afternoon.  
We usually had a lot of homework and it took me several hours to do it.
After classes I didn't usually go home right away. We had some out-ofclass activities. Our social and cultural life was well-organized.
At school we had classes in Russian, Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Geography, Physics, 
Chemistry, English, History, Computer Programming. We also had Music, Physical Education, and Information Technology.  
I liked my class. I always felt at home there.