Пожалуйста напишите мне 6 отрицательных и 6 вопросительных ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЙ с Present perfect ПЖ Очень надо!!!!


Ответы и объяснения



He saw her yesterday.

 I have bought it.

She has not  come yet.

I have not  seen him.

She has not wathced the match.

We have not enjoyed our holiday.


Have we spoken about it with the head of the department?

Have I broken the vase? 
Has he (she) written a long letter?


1.  I have not seen him for ages.

2. She has not finished her homework yet.

3. They have never been to London.

4. He has not seen this film yet.

5. She has not  cooked the dinner for a whole family.

6. He has not  cleaned his room.


1.Have you ever been to Moscow?

2. Have you read this book?

3. What have you done?

4. Have they helped you to clean the house?

5. Has he bought a car for himself?

6. Have you visited your  grandmother this week?