Закончите предложения, употребив глаголы в Past Progressive или Past Simple.

1)They__________for me when I _________ at the station (wait/arrive)

2)She ________in the sea when I_______her (swim/see)

3)________they ______tennis when it ____raining? (play/start)

4)She______when she______the news (cry/hear)

5)We____ home from the theatre when the police ______ us.(drive/stop)

6)Everyone _______quiet when the concert _____(go/begin)

7)When she_____him, he______ quite ill (leave/become)

8)You____ in a restaurant when I first ____you (work/meet)

9)I____ very angry when I____the letter (feel/read)

10)It _____when I_______(rain/get)


Ответы и объяснения


1) were waiting. arrived

2) was swiming. saw

3) Were play. started

4) was crying. heard

Сделал паст симпле делал паст континиус


1)They  were  waiting  for me when I   arrived  at the station

2)She   was  swimming  in the sea when I  saw  her

3)Were   they   playing  tennis when it   started   raining?

4)She  cried     when she  heard the news

5)We  were  driving   home from the theatre when the police   stopped   us.

6)Everyone    was  going  quiet when the concert   began

7)When she   left  him, he   became  quite ill

 8)You  was  working  in a restaurant when I first  met  you

9)I  felt   very angry when I  was  reading  the letter

10)I  was  raining  when I  got