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Средства массовой информации.


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We live in the world of information. Mass media is the press, radio, television and the Internet. It plays an important part in our lives. It informs us of what is happening in this world. It also gives  us wonderful possibilities for education and entertainment.

       The press is one of the most popular  kinds of mass media. Nowadays there are a lot of daily, weekly and monthly newspapers and magazines. My family gets newspapers  and magazines every day. You can buy  women's magazines, sports magazines, children's magazines.

 Television plays a big role in our society, too. It is the main source of news for millions of people. People like TV news because they can see everything with their own eyes. There are also a lot of educational programmes, children’s programmes, films and soap operas on TV. Talk shows are also very popular with people nowadays. I usually watch films on television. I think that it is impossible to live without television. 

      Radio is less popular than newspapers and television. Usually people listen to the radio in cars. There is a lot of music on modern radio and every hour radio stations tell us news in brief. 

      The Internet is the most popular mass media. A lot of people use it every day. In the Internet you can  read newspapers or listen to the radio or watch television. 

      I use the Internet very often. I chat with people all over the world online and read news. I use the Internet to find important information for my studies, too. 

      There are both advantages and disadvantages of mass media. The advantages are the following: mass media educate and entertain people. The disadvantage is that sometimes this or that information is not reliable.