Очень очень очень прошу помогите составить 10 вопросов к тексту: (времена present simple или present continuous) ТЕКСТ: Peter goes shopping every day. He buys fruit and vegetables. He likes oranges and tomatoes. At lunch-time he goes home to have lunch. He has a pet dog. It's brown. Its name is Rover. In the evening Peter likes to watch videos. He goes to bed at 11. He is now reading a newspaper and listening to the radio. Peter's favourite sport is tennis. His hobby is music. ВОПРОСЫ ДОЛЖНЫ НАЧИНАТЬСЯ НА ЭТИ СЛОВА: 1) Who 2) What... 3) Does... 4) When... 5) What... 6) What colour... 7) What... 8) When... 9) Who... 10) What...


Ответы и объяснения


1) Who goes shopping  every day?

2)what he buys?

3)does he likes oranges and tomatoes?

4)when he have lunch?

5)What he reading now?

6)What colour is dog?

7) What his favourite sport?

8)When he goes to bed?

9)Who has favourite port is tennis?

10) what  Peter likes to watch?