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топик на тему досуг и увлечения. Только нормальный по размеру. Не маленький


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Every person has free time. Free time is time when you can relax  and you can do what you like. There are a lot of activities. Every person has its favorite form of relaxation. As for me when I have free time I like reading, listening to music, being alone and thinking about something. Usually I sit in my room alone. I read different kinds of books from novels to horror books  and listen to different music  from rap to pop music. it depends on my mood. Sometimes when it is warm I like walking in the park or in the forest. Not all my time I like being alone. Of course I have a lot of friends. We like to spend time together - go to the cinema, skate, ski, walking.  But most of all I like taking pictures. I think it is interesting that you can see and catch all beauty of our wonderful world. I like to take photos of nature I also like to take photos of people especially when they are happy.  I usually take pictures of my friends, of landscapes: the seasons, houses, memorials. I am lucky. My hobby makes me happy. People can admire the beauty of nature through my photos too.