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Queen and Parliament

It's hard enough to understand the way the British government. In Britain, the Queen - the head of state, but in fact it does not run the country, and has no power. Queen is the symbol of the country, its history and traditions. It is very rich. She travels to the kingdom, meeting people and visiting schools, hospitals and other places. So do all the members of the royal family: the husband of Queen, her son Prince Charles, Princess Anne, daughter of Queen and Princess Margaret, sister of the queen.

In the early twentieth century, many countries around the world ruled by Britain. Among were British colonies, and they were part of the British Empire. India, Pakistan, Ceylon, for example, were also part of the Empire. Now these countries are independent states. But in 1949, Britain and its former colonies formed the Commonwealth of Nations. Commonwealth includes many countries, such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and others. British Queen is also head of the Commonwealth and the Queen of Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

The real power in the country belongs to the British Parliament and the British government. The British Parliament consists of two houses: the House of Lords and House of Commons. in the House of Lords a little power, but it is of great importance , as it can offer and change the laws, and to delay them. The House of Commons makes the laws of the country's politics, taxes, and many others.

Members of the House of Lords are not elected but selected. are permanent members. Often it is the aristocracy, church people, lawyers and former politicians or life peers.

Members of the House of Commons select. Britons choose 650 members of the House of Commons every five years.