пожалуйста помогите надо написать рецепт пiцци на на англ мов только с понятними словами смислы легкими 3-4 класах


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In warm water will dissolve yeasts, sugar and salt. Add vegetable oil and flour. Involve dough and put in a warm place for fermentation.
As soon as will rise, press down and give once again to rise. Then roll in a layer in 5 мм. thick
Salt Bow and cheese, поперчите, mix with sour cream. Cut tomatoes groups, ham - by blocks, a dill will chop down.
Basis for pizza lay out on the roasting pan smeared by oil, smear mixture from sour cream, bow and cheese, evenly will distribute a ham, from above will lay out the groups of tomatoes. Sprinkle with a dill.
Bake pizza in warmed-up to 200 °With to the oven 30-35 min