Помогите нужен расказ на английском на тему Путишествие за границу


Ответы и объяснения


Travelling by sea is very popular. Large ships and small river boats can visit foreign countries and different places of interest within their own country.

As for me, I prefer travelling by car. I think it's very convenient. You needn't reserve tour tickets. You needn't carry heavy suitcases. You can stop wherever you wish, and spend at any place as much time as you like.

Every year my friend and I go somewhere to the South for holidays. The Black Sea is one of the most wonderful places which attracts holiday-makers all over the world. There are many rest-homes, sanatoriums and tourist camps there.

But it is also possible to rent a room or a furnished house for a couple of weeks there. Sometimes, we can place ourselves in a tent on the sea shore enjoying fresh air and the sun all day long.

As a rule, I make new friends there. In the day-time we play volley-ball, tennis, swim in the warm water of the sea and sunbathe. In the evening.

I like to sit on the beach watching the sea and enjoying the sunset. I'm fond of mountaineering. So I do a lot of climbing together with my friends. Time passes quickly and soon we have to make our way back. We return home sunburnt and full of impressions.


There are moments in every person;s life when he wants to travel. Everyone understands travelling in his own way. Some people consider trips to new towns and countries offered by different tourist firms to be the best way to travel. These package tours are for the laziest. The others prefer walking tours and tourism. There is nothing more beautiful for them than walking in some pinewood, or rowing down the river in a boat, or even riding a bicycle and enjoying the landscape. There are also people who are fond of mountain climbing. The most unforgettable feeling for them is the one you feel at the peak of the mountain. And the view, which opens from it, is just magnificent. The sea has also attracted mankind as one of the powers of nature. That is why sea tours are very popular among people. They offer a great possibility to enjoy the sight of the sea in different seasons and weather, and also to open some new towns and countries for oneself. For some people travelling is associated with visiting ancient cities. There one can see ancient palaces, cathedrals and fortresses, visit different museums and follow the flow of time. There also exists a very interesting and cheap kind of travelling — hitch-hiking. It is very popular among young people. And it is not surprising — one can get a real adventure full of romantics and adventures. And there are also people who like exotic kinds of travelling, like travelling on a balloon. But only bold people can risk and surrender themselves wholly to the will of the wind. Speaking about the different types of travelling, one should say that any of them is a good method of having a rest and spending some new unusual life.